Past Projects


The Johnsons gave us a call after inheriting a home which had received little maintenance for many years. They had three 70-80 foot tall oak trees over their home that had all died and were dropping limbs on the roof. They were worried that a wind or ice storm could cause the trees to fall and cause significant damage to their property. Upon meeting with them to assess the situation, we quickly determined that the trees were unsafe to climb, and decided that using a crane would be the safest, most effective method of removal.


We received a call from a family with two kids who had a large wooded lot behind their home that was not being utilized because it was overgrown with underbrush and had many dead or dying trees, some which had fallen in to other trees and were hung up. During the assessment of their property, we found out that their goal was for their children to be able to play in the back yard and walk down to a creek they had on the property. They wanted the end result to look natural and not clear-cut.


The Hills had been working hard to get their yard ready for their daughter's baptism party, being held at their home. One Saturday afternoon, the day before the party, a storm knocked down a large oak tree in their front yard , blocking their driveway and their neighbor's driveway, and leaving a large, unsightly root ball sticking out of the ground. That's when they called Tree Worx.

About Tree Worx

At Tree Worx LLC, we know that our clients expect highly skilled specialists, a commitment to quality, and attention to detail. From providing a fair estimate to meticulous clean up of your property following any job, we believe that follow through is an important part of ensuring an exceptional customer experience. Maintaining your property's tree scape should not be such a hassle, with Tree Worx LLC, one call is all you need to make, leave the rest to our capable team.