2 Surprising Benefits of Having Trees in Your Yard

Having trees nearby outside your windows and in the yard is an excellent way to increase so many aspects of your home. Incorporating regular arboreal services can optimize the health of your trees, and therefore your property. The ways that arborists can maintain your trees benefit your home in every fashion.

Here are two reasons why you should regularly work with tree companies and the benefits you never knew they could have.

Trees increase the value of your home

For more than a year now we’ve heard the same thing from realtors in the Chattanooga area:


Housing inventory is low and demand is high.


Well, in addition to the condition of your home, guess what else adds to the property value? Yep, trees.

There is a reason it’s referred to as property value and not just home value. The land itself and the quality of the native trees, and overall landscaping, can add tens of thousands of dollars to your home…if they are healthy and pruned properly.

With so much natural vegetation around us in Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia, having native trees on your property and having well maintained trees are two different beasts. The latter is clearly what you want and that means trees without sagging branches, infestations from common bugs, and/or a lack of growth due to overcrowding by invasive species planted nearby, usually as part of landscaping.



There are two different pictures you could have when looking out your windows.

Picture A:

Trees in bloom with their native flowers and fruit, shade for your outdoor entertaining with just enough sunlight streaking in, greenery all around, birds chirping and bunnies hopping along.


– OR –


Picture B:

Grass that’s dying due to a lack of sunlight, branches dropping and breaking all over your lawn, bugs and more bugs, and a distinct lack of chirping birds.

Which sounds more appealing and smile-inducing?

Exactly! Picture A is the way that things should be when the trees on your property are native to the area, properly trimmed and inspected for infections and any issues with invasive plants or trees addressed quickly. The health of these trees has a trickle down effect on the animals that rely on them for food and shelter, the look of your property overall, and therefore your level of happiness when looking out your window.

Peering out to see Picture B would no doubt add to your daily stress (and to do list) and that’s without us even mentioning the insurance liability if something happens to those trees in a storm.

Have a question about a tree on your property? Let’s hear it! Get in touch and one of our arborists can come take a closer look.