2 Surprising Benefits of Having Trees in Your Yard

2 Surprising Benefits of Having Trees in Your Yard

Having trees nearby outside your windows and in the yard is an excellent way to increase so many aspects of your home. Incorporating regular arboreal services can optimize the health of your trees, and therefore your property. The ways that arborists can maintain your trees benefit your home in every fashion. Here are three reasons why you should regularly work with tree companies and the benefits you never knew they could have.

Trees increase the value of your home

When selling a home, many people consider only the elements they associate with the literal housing unit and its surrounding purchases. Things like the kitchen, the outdoor patio, the pool, the landscape, the basement, and the floors are what are usually considered. However, what many homeowners who are looking to sell are missing out on is the value that trees add to their property. A home with healthy, lush trees that have been properly attended by arborists is much more valuable than one with neglected, dying trees, both visually and functionally. A healthy tree can actually add up to $10,000 of value to your home, according to Rons Tree Service, and a yard that leads to a creek or woods may fetch an even greater price. Be sure to ask how much your tree care could add to your selling price.

Trees improve your mental health

Looking out into your yard can go one of two ways, and that can be entirely dependent on the health and vitality of the trees on your property. Falling branches with no bloom can be depressing, certainly when compared to trees that welcome all sorts of wildlife and produce colorful leaves in the spring, summer, and autumn. Arboreal companies can consult on your yard if you need some revamping, and can also perform routine upkeep every year or season to make sure your trees are getting enough airflow and are free from disease. Trees also give off phytoncides, which are antimicrobial compounds that help produce that calming feeling whenever you step foot in the woods or in a house full of plants.

Taking advantage of arborists will add value to your home both as you live in it as well as when you go to sell it. They also clean up their work remarkably well, removing branches and leaves as well as wood chips and stumps, should a tree be removed. Find out who your local arborists are online today and get started on optimizing your property!

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