Our Commitment to Green

Tree Worx is committed to the sustainability of our earth by planting a tree for every residential tree removed by our crews in the greater Chattanooga area.


Whether it be through giving away sapling trees at local events, or hosting community gatherings to make an impact on individual areas, we are committed to keeping Chattanooga green.

Sapling Care Instructions


Received a sapling from us at a community event? Here are our expert arborists’ tips for planting your tree and keeping it healthy. Step-by-step instructions are also written below the video.

1. Choosing A Location

Determine where your flower bed /garden is going to be located. Always remember to not plant any trees around or near walkways, driveways, or pipes, such as the septic line. 

2. Identify Type of Tree

What kind of tree do you have? Determine what plants can grow in a specific area and thrive. (This means taking in water consumption, sunlight, ph levels) Determine what spot is most effective for your tree. Trees such as great white Oaks need a large amount of room, while small dwarf apple trees need only a tiny amount of room.

3. Prep the Roots

Since the tree is preserved in a specific gel to ship to you, soak the roots for at least two hours before putting it in the ground.

4. Dig, dig, dig

Now that you’ve got your tree, you should dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. This can be done easily with a post-hole digger or a shovel. The plant should have fertilizer added to it and the hole filled in. The plant should be immediately watered. Add mulch or pine needles around the trunk so that the water can slowly be absorbed.

5. Stabilize the Tree

Many small trees or saplings may have to be supported so that they won’t fall over and the trunks will grow upright.

6. Soak it up

Sit back and relax, and watch your tree grow. Planting a tree (and other landscaping) can be rewarding, as well as adding value to your home.

We Need Your Help!

Do you know of an area, community, or organization (church, school, non-profit, etc) who would benefit from the planting of 20+ new trees on their property?


Send us a message with the address (you can skip the check boxes) to nominate a location. Be sure to include “Cut One Plant One Nomination” in the message box.


(Want to volunteer to plant the tree with us? Include that in the message too!)


Thank you for helping us keep Chattanooga green!

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