Chattanooga TN Tree Removal

Do you have a tree that needs to be cut down? The fact of the matter is, no time will feel right to schedule a Chattanooga TN tree removal. When a tree is dead, dying, damaged, or sick, it’s best to cut it down – no matter the attachment. By removing it, you’re protecting your home, property, your family, and other trees or foliage surrounding the tree needing to be removed. While scheduling a tree removal service is never easy, having it cut down at the right time always helps make the process a little easier.

Urgent Tree Removal Scenarios

If your tree is leaning, has obvious signs of damage or infestation, call Tree Worx as soon as possible to get it cut down. Infested or diseased trees pose a large threat to other plants and trees in their area, therefore making it a time-critical situation. Sickness such as oak wilt or pests like termites or emerald ash borers can infect or infest surrounding plants in a matter of hours. In cases like this, schedule a removal as soon as possible – no matter what time of year it is.

The Best Time to Schedule Chattanooga TN Tree Removal

For less urgent scenarios, the best time to schedule tree removal is during your tree’s dormant season. Getting your tree removed during the period of late winter or early spring makes it easier for the arborist removing it. Trees are lighter because they’re without leaves, so cutting off branches and removing the trunk is significantly simpler for the removal crew. This is true for all trees – even conifers. The cold ground makes it easier to remove any tree without damaging the ground and root system of any surrounding plants.

If your trees are showing signs of dying, call the Chattanooga tree removal service you can trust: Tree Worx.

Call Tree Worx for Your Chattanooga TN Tree Removal Service

Whether your tree removal needs are time-sensitive or less urgent, Tree Worx has your back! Our licensed and insured removal crew members are trained and ready to remove any tree on your property. We handle all tree removal jobs carefully, safely, and professionally, leaving your yard looking better than ever. And if you’d like to replant in the removal spot, we can help with that, too! To schedule your tree removal, call Tree Worx today at (423) 451-6388.

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