Chattanooga TN Tree Service

Are your trees looking different lately? They may not be sick or dying – your trees may perk up with a pruning! Tree Worx offers pruning services, and it’s quickly become our most popular and reputable Chattanooga TN tree service. Our tree care and maintenance services benefit Chattanooga residents and their trees profusely – as an unpruned tree poses a threat to it environment, nearby homes, and the family within. Not sure when to schedule your tree service with us?

4 Signs You Need to Prune Your Tree

1. Broken Branches

Weak, cracking branches is one of the biggest signs you need Tree Worx to provide pruning service. It may be hard to notice broken branches that haven’t fallen yet. We suggest doing a thorough walk through your yard after heavy winds, stormy weather, or just every once in a while.

2. Growth – Too Much or Too Little

An overgrown tree poses a threat to the trees around it as well as animals and humans in the area. A tree can never be over-pruned, so it’s okay to cut back a large portion of the overgrowth regularly. On the other hand, a tree that doesn’t seem to grow could be due for a prune as well. Pruning encourages new growth, so a small pruning job could make all the difference in the tree’s growth rate.

3. Misshapen Trees

Misshapen trees are like humans with scoliosis – it may look unique, but each of these conditions are unhealthy for the vessel. Misshapen trees can easily break and inflict damage onto your property because of their uneven weight distribution. Pruning can train your tree to regrow in its natural shape.

4. Threatening Branches

Tree branches are beautiful, but if they’re growing in the wrong area, they can be a large threat to the safety of your home and those within. Branches that reach over power lines, roofs, car ports, or decking need to be pruned regularly to avoid breakage and property damage. If not, one windy day could leave you with thousands of dollars’ worth of clean up.

Call the most reliable tree service in Chattanooga, TN: Tree Worx.

Branch Removal

Most of the time, we underestimate how big our tree’s branches truly are. This makes for a complicated removal all by yourself. Our tree service in Chattanooga TN disposes of all tree branches or other tree waste safely and efficiently so it’s not an eye-sore in your yard.

The Best Tree Service in Chattanooga TN

Kick DIY pruning to the curb and protect yourself as well as your trees. At Tree Worx, we’re here to do the pruning for you in a way that ensures the health of your trees. We also offer dead tree removal, stump removal, emergency tree services, and more! We’re proud to be the #1 tree service in Chattanooga TN.

At Tree Worx, removal is a final option. Above all, we want your trees and shrubs to grow safely, and we also work to protect them as well as you and your property. Once safety is compromised by dead, dying, or severely damaged tress – that’s when we schedule a removal. We’re considered the most trusted tree service in Hixson because of our love for nature and its trees.

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