Chattanooga Tree Removal Service

Are you a Chattanooga resident experiencing a tree problem? Then you need the Chattanooga tree removal service more residents trust. Some of the most common tree issues are only obvious if you know how to look for them. Dead or dying trees can be hidden in plain sight, but other times can make themselves known by wreaking havoc to surrounding trees, buildings or vehicles on the property. It’s better to catch a hazardous tree and have it removed before the damage is already done.

Signs Your Tree is Dying or Already Dead

• Your tree isn’t producing leaves (even in the spring and summer)
• It has long-ways cracking throughout the trunk area
• The tree trunk is leaning heavily
• Your tree is shedding sticks and branches
• It is home to termites or other pests
• It has visual fungus, rot, or open wounds

If your trees are showing signs of dying, call the Chattanooga tree removal service you can trust: Tree Worx.

Tree Removal: When is it Necessary?

There are other needs of tree removal other than a dying or dead tree. Tree roots can grow through the ground, posing as a high trip hazard, or they can grow dangerously close to a home’s foundation or pipe system. Either one of these scenarios can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in medical or home repair bills.

Trees and their long branches can pose a threat to a home, building, or car port anytime a storm rolls in, depending on how close they are. In other, less costly scenarios, trees may need to be removed for new construction, or even overpopulation. One large tree can cost the life of many smaller trees below it, stealing sunlight and soil nutrients. To avoid damage scenarios, it’s smart to consider a Chattanooga tree removal service.

Call Tree Worx Today

To experience the Chattanooga tree removal service that Tennessee residents love and trust, rely on the professionals at Tree Worx today. Not only do we offer tree removal and stump grinding services, but we also perform safety measures and maintenance for your healthy trees to keep you and your property hazard-free. To ensure the health of your trees and the safety of your property’s assets, call us at 423.451.6388 today.

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