Hixson Tree Removal

Is there a tree on your property that is damaged, dying, or already dead? Trees with these conditions pose a large threat to your home, vehicles, power lines, and your neighbors’ property. This is because dead or dying trees lose branches and crack easily. For example, a simple storm could blow a broken branch through a window or cause the entire tree to snap. It could end up falling on top of a car. At Tree Worx, we consider all the “what ifs” so you don’t have to. Our experience in the industry and reputable knowledge allows us to make crucial decisions about tree removal. As one of the most trusted Hixson tree removal companies, Tree Worx is fully prepared to keep you and your property safe from potential tree hazards.

Signs You Need Tree Removal

  • The tree is fully dead
  • Large parts of it are visibly sick
  • It has obvious damage (cracking, termites, etc.)
  • The tree is leaning
  • It is growing too close to a building
  • (An obvious one) The tree has already fallen

Other Services We Offer

We’re not only a Hixson tree removal service provider. Tree Worx also offers other services for your trees and shrubs to maximize their health and keep your property safe. Our crews specialize in pruning and maintenance for all your trees and shrubs. We can keep them in great shape in order to prevent hazards. If your trees show signs of hazards, removal isn’t your only option. We also offer cabling and bracing services that allow your tree to remain on your property safely.

Our licensed and insured crew members will stabilize your tree and its branches with a cable. In order to do this, we also restrain any stray branches from causing damage to surrounding objects. Additionally, we offer extensive knowledge and services for planting. After a quick survey of your property, our staff members will be able to suggest the right kind of tree and where to plant it so that it can grow without harming anything around it.

Hixson Tree Removal TN Residents Trust

To experience the Hixson tree removal services mentioned above, choose Tree Worx today. Whether you have a tree emergency, stump needing to be removed, or a need for a new tree in your yard, call the professionals today at 423.451.6388.

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