How To Avoid Power Line Damage When Trimming Trees

While power outages may seldom occur in most areas in Chattanooga, it can prove to be a great inconvenience once it happens. This is especially true during extreme weather, when homeowners are already relegated to not being able to leave their homes.

What most do not realize is that power outages during can be greatly prevented by simply making sure trees near power lines are properly trimmed. As mentioned in an article published on The Doomsday Moose on January 10, 2014:


“Trees that are too close to power lines are the most frequent cause of power outages. During a time of severe weather, these outages occur all too often due to trees interfering with power lines.

In order to avoid these power outages or reduce the frequency in which they occur, it’s important to trim trees near power lines. Tree trimming is much easier when done in prevention rather than waiting until it becomes a problem and has already fallen on a power line.

After it touches the power line, you won’t want to touch the tree yourself and the power will have to be switched off before the tree can be removed.”


While most homeowners attempt to make the needed trimming , it is still recommended to acquire professional services for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is safety.

An expert provider of tree service in Chattanooga would have all of the necessary equipment, with a team of professionals following strict safety procedures, which will ensure their safety as well as that of the property and its owners.

Utilizing a professional tree service in Chattanooga, TN is also helpful in that expert arborists will be able to determine if simply trimming a tree is the only needed course of action.

There are instances where a tree may already be dead, and its inability to resist strong winds and rain causes it to be easily uprooted, severely damaging power lines, nearby cars, and other property. With the help of a professional, dead trees are better identified and the expert removal can be easily completed.

Companies like TreeWorx Tree Services are one of several expert arborists which Chattanooga residents can rely on to address their tree trimming and removal needs, greatly assisting in the prevention of power outages during extreme weather. Apart from removal, the company also offers tree care and planting services, and are also available for emergencies.


(Article Excerpt and Image from “Proper Tree Trimming Prevents Power Outages”, The Doomsday Moose, 10 January 2014)