Tree Service Companies in Chattanooga

Are you looking to plant a new tree on your property? By contacting your local tree service companies in Chattanooga, you can find an arborist who can help with your selection and planting process. Your arborist will view your property and help you select the perfect tree for your environment and preference. You may already have a tree in mind – but will your arborist approve and recommend it?

4 Trees Not Recommended By Tree Service Companies in Chattanooga:

1. Silver Maple

While this large tree is gorgeous, it’s quick growing speeds make for brittle wood that is known for breaking under strong winds and storms. It also has a shallow root system that can invade sidewalks, sewage systems, and driveways.

2. Ash

Ash trees are highly discouraged by tree service companies in Chattanooga, as they produce a growth-inhibiting secretion that kills any nearby trees and plants. If your yard is home to a garden, other trees or bushes, an ash tree is not the tree for you.

3. Willow

Willow trees are known for their beauty and thirst for water – but this makes them a predator in a yard. Their root system steals water from anything it can: sewage lines, water pipes, and even surrounding plants.

4. Bradford Pear

Bradford pear trees produce beautiful blooms every spring, making them a popular addition to Southern yards. Their flowers secrete a strong, distasteful odor, but the reason tree experts never recommend a Bradford pear tree is because their brittle structure makes for easy splitting and breakage.

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Tree Worx: We Stand Out from Other Tree Service Companies in Chattanooga

Ready to find the perfect addition to your yard? Call on the experts at Tree Worx today. Other tree service companies may not take the same amount of time and consideration in the field of tree planting as we do. For a tree that fits the needs of your heart and the preferences of your heart, consider Tree Worx as your yard’s new arborist. For more information on selecting a tree and scheduling a planting date, please call us now at (423) 451-6388.

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