Tree Service Companies

In the industry of tree service companies, one of the most commonly asked questions we receive is, “what is the best time of year to prune my trees and bushes?” This answer isn’t as black and white as we wish it could be. As arborists, we’re required to add in all factors when it comes to determining the ideal time frame for pruning. We consider the type of tree or bush and outdoor factors like pests, disease susceptibility, landscaping surrounding the tree, and more.

Tree Service Companies General Tree Pruning Guidelines

Generally, the best time to schedule a tree pruning is during the cold, winter months. Anytime between November and March has proven to spark the best results. This is because during winter months, there are less chances of trees becoming susceptible to insect infestations and various infections. With leafless trees and thinning surrounding foliage, tree service companies have a better view of their pruning job. Additionally, trees heal faster in the cold without leaves to nourish, leaving you with fully healed trees by springtime.

Why Do We Prune?

Pruning is a large part of general tree maintenance; it’s one of the most popular services offered by tree service companies. Regular pruning increases overall plant health, stimulates growth, increases fruit and/or flower production, and removes any unwanted bulk, overcrowding branches, or diseased parts of the tree. For shrubs, we prune to encourage growth, create desired shapes, and increase the fullness of the brush.

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Protect Your Home, Family, & Your Property

Safety is everything. One of the biggest reasons tree service companies are so adamant about regular tree pruning is that this simple action works to protect your entire home and its property, as well as everyone living within. With the removal of dead branches, pruning prevents diseased or dead parts of the tree from cracking and falling on their own, potentially harming anyone beneath it. Branches that are “in the wrong place at the wrong time” are also removed, such as branches hanging over a carport or a roof. Lastly, hazardous trees are pruned and taken down. Infected or dead trees are both hazardous and can pose a large threat to property. For more information, please call us now at (423) 451-6388.

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