Tree Service in Chattanooga TN

At Tree Worx, one of the most common jobs we’re called to perform is the removal of damaged trees. Sometimes these trees become sick from infestations or weather disasters, but other times, they’ve been injured or even killed by their owners. You may be asking, “how does a homeowner kill their own tree?” The answer is DIY pruning. Cutting branches from a particularly large tree poses a threat to not only the homeowner, but the tree itself and those around it. Although our tree service in Chattanooga TN is happy to take care of your damaged tree, it’s better to understand why DIY pruning is such a large threat.

Reasons Your Tree May Need to Be Removed

You’re in Danger

It may seem simple to climb your tree or use a ladder in order to prune off some unwanted branches, but this puts a risk to your safety. The risk of falling or damaging yourself with pruning tools is high, especially if your ladder is on a surface that isn’t perfectly leveled and even.

Your Tree is in Danger

We recommend leaving all pruning to the professionals. There are several DIY pruning methods that can damage or even kill your tree, like tree-topping, lion heading, and specific cuts such as heading cuts, stub cuts, and flush cuts. Additionally, when tree branches are removed and fall to the ground, there’s always a chance they could hit and damage another healthy tree branch or the bark on your tree.

Call the most reliable tree service in Chattanooga, TN: Tree Worx.

Branch Removal

Most of the time, we underestimate how big our tree’s branches truly are. This makes for a complicated removal all by yourself. Our tree service in Chattanooga TN disposes of all tree branches or other tree waste safely and efficiently so it’s not an eye-sore in your yard.

The Best Tree Service in Chattanooga TN

Kick DIY pruning to the curb and protect yourself as well as your trees. At Tree Worx, we’re here to do the pruning for you in a way that ensures the health of your trees. We also offer dead tree removal, stump removal, emergency tree services, and more! We’re proud to be the #1 tree service in Chattanooga TN.

At Tree Worx, removal is a final option. Above all, we want your trees and shrubs to grow safely, and we also work to protect them as well as you and your property. Once safety is compromised by dead, dying, or severely damaged tress – that’s when we schedule a removal. We’re considered the most trusted tree service in Hixson because of our love for nature and its trees.

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