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Tree Questions

A: We work around all obstacles, such as retaining walls, fences, gazebos, and other important yard structures. Turf areas may temporarily show some wear and tear. Large branches and logs can sometimes leave dents or divots, particularly on soft ground. We rake and blow to remove debris, but some sawdust may remain through one or two mowing cycles.
A: This does not prevent us from doing the removal. We routinely work with utility companies. For main pole-to-pole lines, we will request a clearance trim from the power company to make the tree safe for our workers. For service lines that run from pole-to-building, we will arrange a free “line drop” so that the wires are out of our way while we work.
A: Absolutely not! We carry full insurance. If our work damages your home or property, or even your neighbor’s home or property, you will not be liable.
A: Maybe. Even after stump grinding, many roots are still in the ground. Replanting in the same spot is possible if you wait a few years for the woody roots to decompose, or if you hand-dig roots out of the ground. Some landscapers use equipment to plant trees that make it easier to use the same spot. If you’re planting a tree on your own, a simpler solution is to plant 5-10 feet away from the location of the previous tree’s trunk.
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Tree Questions