4 Mature Tree Maintenance Tips

Having trees around your home not only improves your curb appeal, but can help you improve your home’s standards. According to HGTV, it can also increase the value of a property by up to 14%.

Read on to see four maintenance tips that you can use to maintain mature trees and lengthen their lifespan so you enjoy having them for longer as well.


1. Spread Mulch Regularly

Distribute a wide, even layer of mulch around the tree’s roots so that you help insulate the soil around the tree’s roots. Doing this will help keep foot traffic and other activities off this sensitive area, and this way, the roots will be better able to absorb the nutrients and water that the tree needs to survive. This is because the soil around the roots should not be packed in and compacted, so you will give it some great benefits.

2. Protect The Bark from Damage

To make sure that your mature trees, stay healthy and stable, make sure not to damage the bark. String trimmers and lawnmowers should be kept well away from the tree’s bark as they can damage important water vessels and sensitive growing tissue underneath the bark. Don’t suspend swings or hang hammocks on the branches as they can strip off the bark and lead to issues over time.


3. Water it When Necessary

While a tree can survive on rainwater for the most part, sometimes it’s a bit strenuous for it to access the water it needs. Times like long, hot spells and extended winters can leave your trees struggling to get the water they need to thrive. When watering them, pour the water slowly around the roots so the tree has time to absorb them.


4. Have it Inspected by an Arborist

Finally, schedule inspections of the trees by an arborist. This professional inspection will help solve issues like rot, disease, dead branches, and cracks in your trees. The arborist will provide you with a solution that you can use to maintain the good health of your trees.


With the four mature tree maintenance tips above, you can expect to keep healthy, gorgeous trees in your landscape. As time goes by, you will become better at taking care of your trees and end up with amazing curb appeal.

That being said, working outdoors isn’t for everyone; if you’d prefer to leave your tree care to the professionals, call us today!