Hiring A Professional Makes Tree Removal Safer

An article published on KTRE.com details how hazardous tree removal and trimming can be, with a report about a man in Texas passing away tragically as he was attempting to trim a tree and was fatally struck by one of the large falling limbs.

While most professional arborists have equipment, training, and special procedures to ensure their safety, the risks remain substantially high especially when trees of large varieties are being addressed:

“The tragic accident where Jonathan Fagg, 25, of Huntington was trimming a tree when a limb fell on Fagg killing him instantly. His body was stuck about 50 feet up in the tree.

Lufkin Fire Department had to bring in a fire truck with a bucket to cut the limb off the man so they could recover his body. And now tree cutting experts talk about the dangers of the job and precautions they take to ensure their safety.

“This is very dangerous,” said owner of Brothers Tree Service, Brent Greusel.

It’s hazardous job but somebody’s got to do it. Tree cutters and climbers put their lives on the line and their fate in the hands of their equipment and experience.

“Experience counts for a lot,” said Greusel.

Greusel says that “experience coupled with a thorough analysis of every tree cutting job is essential to a safe environment.”

What does this mean for professionals providing tree removal in Chattanooga, TN?

For the most part, companies providing expert tree services have several safety measures in place to ensure the complete well-being of the arborists, the property, and its residents. These professionals are well-educated regarding the risks that tree trimming and removal entail.

Homeowners on the other hand are recommended to never attempt addressing their tree trimming and removal needs by themselves. Moreover, do-it-yourselfers often do not possess many of the needed safety equipment. This, combined with a severe lack in experience in evaluating and maneuvering around trees, as well as not having the right tools to get the job done, may lead accidents of significant proportions.

Residents in need of professional tree removal, trimming, and stump grinding in Chattanooga, TN are better served acquiring the assistance of licensed arborists like those from TreeWorx Tree Services. Companies such as these ensure quick and convenient completion of tree services, done in complete compliance with safety standards.


(Article Excerpt and Image from “Professional tree cutters and climbers talk safety after Lufkin tree cutting death”, KTRE.com, published 29 October 2013)